Szymon Marciniak has become an ambassador of Mennica Skarbowa

One of the best football referees in the world - Szymon Marciniak - has become an ambassador of Mennica Skarbowa, the largest company in Poland selling investment gold and other precious metals, a company listed on the NewConnect market, the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As...

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More and more Poles are investing in silver

The Mennica Skarbowa has been observing the increased interest of Poles in silver purchases for several weeks. Customers are most likely to buy small, ounce-weight coins, i.e. the Australian Kangaroo, Vienna Philharmonic or Canadian Maple Leaf - a result of the...

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In 2023, Poland will break another gold sales record

The last weeks of December 2022 and the first days of January this year are marked by gold price increases. Recovery from the pandemic, geopolitical crisis and globally rising inflation have left their mark on the decisions of world banks and many investors to buy...

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