About us

Mennica Skarbowa S.A. is the largest investment gold dealer in Poland, operating under the regulations of the National Bank of Poland. We only offer products from the most reputable mints in the world, associated in the London Bullion Market Association. We focus on trading – selling and buying – and storing investment goods, such as the aforementioned gold, silver or diamonds, but also on advising on the diversification of the investment portfolio.

Our business is based on extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the financial market. Our team consists of specialists with the know-how gained in capital market institutions, entities dealing with alternative investments and investment advisory companies. We are driven by passion and analytical approach, which enables us to help our clients effectively diversify their investment portfolios.

Our mission is to bring the precious metals market closer to all interested parties. We also constantly make every effort to build a positive image of the entire industry, paying special attention to any irregularities or dangers that appear in our business environment.

We are constantly expanding our product and service range, as well as our retail network – both online and offline. The products we offer can be purchased in 16 branches throughout Poland, in our online stores www.mennicaskarbowa.pl and www.mennicakrajowa.pl which operates as an outlet.

In order to reach the widest group of customers, we’ve created the following sales channels: