This is one of the best-guarded treasuries in Poland

The first deposit box was taken by Szymon Marciniak- the world’s best international football referee

For the Company, it’s a new source of income and an opportunity to expand its base of customers buying and depositing gold, silver, diamonds or works of art

Mennica Skarbowa, a leader in investment metals trading, has opened a new treasury in the center of Warsaw responding to the growing demand for storing valuable items. Since April, individuals and companies have been able to deposit valuable items in the treasury. Gold, jewelry, cash, securities or works of art can be stored in one of the best-guarded treasuries in Poland, located in the basement of the pre-war “Dom Pod Orłami” building, which was damaged during World War II and then rebuilt to become the temporary headquarters of the NBP at the time. According to the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa, the new service will allow the Company to provide a new source of income, but more importantly, ultimately to expand the group of customers also interested in other services, primarily the purchase of investment gold and diamonds. Mennica Skarbowa’s treasury was ceremonially opened by the Company’s ambassador, Szymon Marciniak, an international football referee, who took the first deposit box.

The treasury has been put into use with 260 different-sized deposit boxes. The Company is the only one on the market that offers as many as 8 types of deposit boxes. The smallest is 45x25x7, and the largest is 45x55x80. This allows customers to choose a locker of optimal size and price, avoiding paying for space they don’t need. For larger sized items, storage rooms or deposit areas are also available for rent. In the lockers of one of of the best-secured treasuries in Poland in the very center of Warsaw, you can store, among other things, cash, gold, valuable coins, jewelry, securities, data carriers, documents or works of art. The safety of the deposited items is guarded by monitoring and security guards 24/7 a week. The treasury also features traditional and reliable mechanical security, including, among others, two pairs of massive doors weighing 2.3 tons each. The comfort of the depositors will be taken care of by experienced advisors who have processed more than 1,000 deposits. Mennica Skarbowa’s offer is aimed at both businesses and individual customers.

There are more than 26 million safe deposit boxes available to citizens and companies in the US. In Western European countries, one in three companies or individuals use such a solution. Of course, purchased works of art, purchased gold coins, bars or important documents can be stored at home, but this requires increasingly professional security and expensive investments. The world is currently witnessing rising gold and silver prices. Our customers keep asking how to safely store their purchases. That’s why we decided to launch our own treasury not only for customers of Mennica Skarbowa. It provides not only maximum security and discretion, but also convenience and accessibility. Our treasury uses robust mechanical security systems, which means that deposits are protected by traditional, proven methods that have been reliable for years. We distinguish ourselves by not using modern electronic systems that are vulnerable to hacking attacks. Our decision ensures the highest level of security, eliminating the risks associated with digital threats, which are unfortunately common these days. Our range of safe deposit boxes will allow customers to match their needs with the right size safe deposit box. We are also one of the few to offer the ability to securely store large-sized items that will not fit in a standard safe deposit box. I am also pleased to announce that Mr. Szymon Marciniak, an international football referee and brand ambassador of Mennica Skarbowa, became the first client of the Company’s treasury. Interestingly, the subjects of the deposit included the referee’s whistle, yellow and red cards, with which Mr. Marciniak refereed the World Cup and Champions League finals, and which are very valuable items for our ambassador in his careercomments Jarosław Żołędowski, President of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa.

Mennica Skarbowa’s treasury is located in the very center of Warsaw and is certified by the Institute of Precision Mechanics (IMP). Safe deposit boxes can be rented for one month or for a longer period. The price of renting a locker varies from PLN 120 for the smallest size to PLN 480 for a large space. This is the cost for 1 month of use. All items stored in commercial safe deposit boxes are covered by an additional insurance policy. For security reasons and the need to preserve the anonymity of clients, only one client is allowed in the treasury at a time.


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