Only 14% of Poles have ever bought investment gold, according to a representative survey conducted by the ARC Market and Opinion studio on a sample of more than 1,000 Poles, commissioned by Mennica Skarbowa. The most important factors for buyers are the price for the product, as well as the experience and long market presence of the company selling investment products made of this bullion. The research also reveals that women are more likely than men to prefer buying gold bars. Men, on the other hand, choose bullion coins as their investment target. Poles are also increasingly buying gold as a gift, for example, for a communion or wedding. According to Jarosław Żołędowski, President of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa, the conducted survey confirms that the Polish market has not yet saturated with gold, and there is still great potential for sales growth in Poland.

Poland’s interest in gold has been growing steadily, and recent years only confirm this. Last year, Poles bought a record 19 tons of gold, which places Poland among the TOP 5 countries in Europe. As a comparison, in 2015 Poles bought about 5 tons of investment gold, which means an increase in sales volume by exactly 280%. This is a downright enormous increase, but with tremendous hope for the future. According to the research, conducted by the ARC Market and Opinion studio on behalf of Mennica Skarbowa, so far only 14% of Poles have bought investment gold. Men (18%) are slightly more likely to reach for gold bullion as a savings hedge than women (10%). Territorially, the southwestern region stands out on the map of Poland, as this is where the largest number of respondents declared they had purchased gold.

For investors securing their savings, the most important aspect during the purchase is the price for the product and the conversion of the price per gram of bullion. Among those declaring the purchase of gold, much attention is paid to the recognition of the metal around the world. This is one of the main factors determining the choice of gold as a way to diversify savings. Nearly 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 value the ability to buy bullion online. When buying investment gold, Poles also tend to value at least 10 years of the seller’s presence in the market. While analyzing the conducted surveys, we can also notice that Poles do not have one favorite gold investment product. Among the group of respondents, 49% indicate that they buy gold bars, while 48% declare that they buy gold bullion coins. The largest group of people who prefer to buy gold bars are young Poles entering adulthood between the ages of 18 and 24. Bullion coins are most often purchased by people between the ages of 35 and 44.

Although we have been observing dynamic growth in the gold market in Poland for the past 4 years, we are aware that few Poles, however, invest in gold bullion. Factors such as covid, war, or the ongoing inflationary crisis have encouraged Poles to invest their cash in this bullion, but still the vast majority of Poles have never held real, proprietary gold (bars, coins) in their hands. According to statistics, only 14% of the Polish population has ever bought gold. Only a small group of our fellow countrymen have recognized that by investing in this bullion, one can secure the value of their savings for years to come. Therefore, in my opinion, there is great potential for growth in this market, especially since Poles are increasingly buying gold as gifts for their loved ones, e.g. for a communion or wedding. After all, PLN 300-400 is enough to invest in a small 1-gram bar. According to a conducted survey, as many as 20% of Poles think gold is a good gift for a child for communion. Perhaps after the era of watches, bicycles, computers or drones comes the era of gold as an ideal gift? Time will tell if we will go down the path of Türkiye, where gold is seen as a traditional gift especially for a wedding, which will protect the young couple’s savings for years to come says Jarosław Żołędowski, President of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa.

As shown in the survey, commissioned by Mennica Skarbowa, as many as 31% of Poles would consider giving gold coins or small gold bars (up to a maximum of PLN 400) as a wedding gift out of all options. 19% of respondents would be likely to buy gold for a child for communion, and 16% of respondents would be willing to buy gold as a souvenir for a child’s baptism or birth. The survey carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia was conducted on a representative sample of 1011 Poles.