37% of Poles, if they had PLN 100,000 in savings would most willingly choose to invest in real estate, and 9% in gold coins or bars, according to a representative survey conducted by the ARC Rynek i Opinia studio, commissioned by Mennica Skarbowa. Bank deposits and savings accounts, as well as treasury bonds also remain in the respondents’ sphere of interest. Gold, as an object of investment, is most popular among three groups: people with higher education, residents of towns with 20,000-49,000 people, and among men in general.

In Poland, the trend of increasing wealth through the purchase of real estate is clearly noticeable. 37% of those surveyed, when thinking about a long-term investment lasting 10-15 years, declare that they would be most likely to invest PLN 100,000 in real estate, i.e. land, house or apartment. Deposits and savings accounts, as well as investments in gold coins and bars, received 9% each in the list. 6% of respondents would prefer to purchase Treasury bonds. The number of undecided people counting as many as 22% attracts attention. Analyzing this group of respondents, it can be seen that it is more difficult for women to choose a potential investment than for men. The largest group of undecided people has primary or basic vocational education. The variable of undecided people decreases with increasing education level.

In the European market we are observing a downturn when it comes to buying gold, in Poland this decline stands at 40% year-on-year. On the one hand, Europeans – and also Poles – bought a lot of bullion products during the pandemic and at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and on the other hand, as a result of high inflation, bank savings products with better interest rates than a few years ago turned out to be an interesting solution. Of course, we are also likely to observe Poles’ interest in real estate investments for a long time to come. There has long been a widespread appreciation for this type of capital investment. Especially the purchase of apartments is popular and seen by the public as the most favorable option in the long term. However, the popularity of gold has been growing among our countrymen for several years. Gold is no longer a product for a select few with a high entry threshold. Nowadays, you can start investing in gold from as little as a few hundred zlotys and build up your capital on an ongoing basis. Poles are also increasingly willing to buy gold or silver coins or bars as a commemorative gift admits Jarosław Żołędowski, President of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa.

Gold, as an object of long-term investment, is most popular among three groups of respondents: people with higher education, residents of towns with a population of 20,000-49,000, and among men. If we look at interest in a 10-15-year investment in gold from the perspective of Poland’s regions, we see that this investment option is considered least often by residents of the northern region of the country (3%), while it is considered most often by those living in the southwestern part of the country (13%).

The survey, conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, was conducted on a representative sample of 1011 Poles.

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