Mennica Skarbowa, Poland’s largest dealer of investment gold and other precious metals, has signed a strategic agreement for the exclusive sale of diamonds with Monte Carlo Diam, the largest supplier of diamonds in Poland. In the nearest future, the Company plans to implement into its offer the sale of coloured diamonds and lab-grown diamonds used, among others, in industry. In the opinion of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa, the constantly growing offer of diamonds proposed by the Company is a response to the increasing market demand for diversification of the investment portfolio and output towards B2B customers who use diamonds in various industry sectors.

Investment diamonds, jewellery diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are different categories of diamonds (mainly in their purpose and physical characteristics). Investment diamonds, unlike jewellery diamonds, are selected mainly for their quality parameters such as cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. They also have a well-developed certification system with a unique number and a precise description of the stone’s parameters, which guarantees their quality and investment value. They are treated as a form of capital investment that can be stored and transferred as an asset value. However, the most important advantage of diamonds is mobility, as they are very small products that can be easily transported. As investment products, diamonds are timeless and transnational and therefore represent a safe investment of capital for many years. In addition to natural investment diamonds, the offer of Mennica Skarbowa will recently include synthetic diamonds, which are identical to natural diamonds. In the future, the Company also plans to introduce coloured and lab-grown diamonds.

We are convinced that thanks to our cooperation with Monte Carlo Diamonds we will be able to meet the growing demand among Polish investors looking for high quality natural and synthetic diamonds and alternative forms of capital investment. The established cooperation also gives us the possibility to import exclusive stones, even of very large size, tailored to the needs of our customers, guaranteeing investors certainty as to the authenticity and value of their investment. It is worth noting that the cheapest diamond costs about PLN 1,700, while the most expensive ones can cost up to several million. In the near future we plan to introduce coloured diamonds, which will be an excellent supplement to our offer for customers looking for unique and exceptional jewels. Establishing cooperation with Monte Carlo Diamonds is not only an additional source of income for our Company, but it also creates new prospects in reaching business customers. In the future, we plan to supply diamonds to the Polish industry, providing high-quality raw materials necessary for the production of, among others, modern technologies comments Adam Stroniawski, Managing Director of Sales at Mennica Skarbowa.

Lab-grown diamonds are an indispensable element in many industries. Their exceptional physical properties, including outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance, make them ideal raw materials for technological applications. The use of lab-grown diamonds occurs, among others, in the metalworking industry (for drilling, cutting and grinding), the electronics industry (for cooling integrated circuits and for precision cutting of silicon in semiconductor production) or in medicine (production of scalpels, drills).

All diamonds offered by Mennica Skarbowa are covered by full quality guarantees and have GIA, IGI and HRD certificates, confirming their authenticity and specifications. For interested investors, the Company also offers comprehensive diamond storage and insurance services in the newly opened treasury.