One of the best football referees in the world – Szymon Marciniak – has become an ambassador of Mennica Skarbowa, the largest company in Poland selling investment gold and other precious metals, a company listed on the NewConnect market, the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As part of the cooperation, an extensive advertising campaign titled “Your decision is worth its weight in gold” has been planned with the participation of an international Polish football referee who officiated, among others, the 2022 World Cup final and the 2023 Champions League final. Advertising communication will be carried out via Poland’s largest television and radio stations, online media (including VOD) and through outdoor advertising. The campaign featuring Szymon Marciniak is oriented toward strengthening the brand’s image and awareness. It is also intended to emphasize the safety of gold investments.

The advertising spot titled “Your decision is worth its weight in gold” begins a wide-ranging, nationwide advertising campaign, which will be carried out from September 15 this year. The aim of the campaign, featuring well-known football referee Szymon Marciniak, is to increase the recognition of Mennica Skarbowa and to present gold as an accurate and safe investment for the future.

–  We are observing increasing competition on the market. We hope that the choice of such a well-known figure among Poles as football referee Szymon Marciniak will increase the recognition of our brand, as well as widen the circle of our customers to include avid football enthusiasts. We wanted the brand ambassador to reflect our values and the character of the company. Szymon Marciniak is a professional, making sometimes difficult but accurate decisions on the pitch. By implementing the campaign entitled “Your decision is worth its weight in gold”, we want to consolidate in the minds of Poles the fact that gold is a good and most secure investment. Note that a bullion investment does not require such specialized knowledge compared to investments in the stock market and in all kinds of equity products. Analyzing long-term data – the trend in the value of gold is upward. Practically anyone can invest in gold, the entry barrier is relatively low and equals (depending on the dollar exchange rate) about PLN 300. However, in the collective consciousness, there is still a belief that buying gold is an investment only for the wealthy. We want to educate the public in this regard, and we believe that in the future the lack of gold in an investment portfolio will simply be passé says Jarosław Żołędowski, President of the Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa.

According to the International Federation of Football Historians and Statisticians, Szymon Marciniak was the world’s best football referee in 2022. He has been an international referee since 2011, a UEFA class referee since July 20, 2015 and the highest rated Polish arbiter. He regularly officiates matches of the Ekstraklasa, Polish Cup, Champions League, Europa League, foreign league matches and interstate matches.

Managing teams, the flow of the match and even the atmosphere on the pitch is an important process that affects the quality of the competition and the behavior of the players. Equally important is financial management in every family. I hope that my support for the highly experienced Mennica Skarbowa, which has been present on the Polish market for years, will help a larger group of our compatriots to discover a new, long-term and, importantly, safe investment target – the investment gold – comments international football referee Szymon Marciniak.

An advertising spot titled “Your decision is worth its weight in gold” in 30- and 15-second formats will be broadcast on nationwide television and radio stations. Advertising activities will be supported by a billboard campaign and extensive communication online. The ITBC Communication agency is responsible for preparing, implementing and running the new marketing campaign, while the Grandesi agency is responsible for the creation of the advertising spots.